How to sign dll in .Net - ProgramIdea

How to sign the dll with strong name

Step 1

First you create a strong name.

1. Open Solution Explorer and open Properties.

2. Click on the Signing option

3. Checked on Sign the assembly

4. Choose strong name key file, select <New...>, and enter strong name in the TextBox and click OK.

Step 2

sn –k  “E:\App\App\Xceed.snk”

Step 3

De-assemble the assembly

Use ildasm to create intermidiate language file(.il) from your dll which contains diassembled listing of dll

ildasm /all /out=”E:\App\App\Keys\” “E:\App\App\bin\Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.dll”

Step 4

Re-assemble assembly using strong name

Use ilasm to create dll from .il file which is signed by .snk file

ilasm /dll /key=”E:\App\App\Xceed.snk” “E:\App\App\Keys\”

Step 5

Now you dll file is signed. to verify to it run following commands.

sn –vf “E:\App\App\Keys\Xceed.dll”